We’re looking for interns!

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All internship spots have been filled for semester 1 2023-2024.

The Hanze Makerspace offers two students the chance to intern at the Hanze Makerspace each semester to augment their overall professional profile and contribute to the creative technical learning environment that the makerspace offers. Feel like you already have good experience in companies, but want to spend more time developing your personal skill-set, real practical production and design skills and/or learn to function and be productive on a daily basis in a broadly international team of varying backrgrounds? Then an internship at the Hanze Makerspace might be great for you!

Additional personal projects in addition to daily responsibilities to round out your learning profile and meet specific criteria are an option, but not all programmes will be compatible. Please check with your internship coordinator if an internship at the Hanze Makerspace could fit your programme’s internship criteria.


As an intern at the Hanze Makerspace, you are both expected to take part in the day-to-day service and production line activities, as well as dive into a special project of your own, expanding a set of skills you find valuable in your personal development as a professional.

Day-to-day service activities include the greeting and assisting of students and teachers visiting the Hanze Makerspace. You help these people by instructing how to use tools, sharing techniques and thinking along with their design process.


  • Be available for a full-time position where you are scheduled 36-40hrs a week over 10 4hr shifts: mornings, afternoons or evenings.
  • Be proficient in english language, written and spoken.
  • Have an affinity for ‘maker’ disciplines, be they physical or software based.
  • Your programme must allow an internship at the Hanze Makerspace (ask your internship coordinator).
  • Your internship runs for about 1 full semester. So from September-February, or February-July.

Production activities include spending your shift time taking in production requests from the HMS dashboard, reviewing files and producing using the 3D printers, laser cutters and various others machines ranging from embroidery to plotters. You assess whether a file is suitable for production (and otherwise help the requester with adjusting it through the HMS dashboard), whether the request abides by our policies and finally produce the objects or parts requested.

Your personal project is something you work on when production requests and traffic in the makerspace slows down a little, where you get the opportunity to really get to know something specifically of the makerspace disciplines. Digital interactive way-finding, instruction tools or engineering challenges like assembling/designing/modifying machines are examples.


You can apply through the link below. Make sure you have verified that a makerspace internship is suitable for your programme and that you can provide a CV and clear motivation for why you want to do your internship at the Hanze Makerspace and how that helps you develop as a professional in your study.

Are you not a student at the Hanzehogeschool, but still want to do your internship ath the Hanze Makerspace? Then please also first check if it is an option within your programme and then fill out the form as normal stating what school you are from.

Internships at the Hanze Makerspace are paid.