Build Challenge: Boxing Day

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Build Challenge: Build a festive holiday box!

Utilize the Hanze Makerspace or CT labs for your build project. Construct any cool box using any materials that meet the scoring criteria below (but use your imagination!). Build a box for the holidays, as a present, as a personal project, as a challenge or simply for this competition! Already have a box? Great! Enter it as well!

Please let us know you wish to participate in the build challenge through the form below and hand in your box at the Hanze Makerspace team for display in the showcase hallway until end of january! (Any submitted boxes must physically be in the makerspace and labelled to be judged by our super duper profesisonal jury)


Boxes will be considered by a super duper professional jury of makers* and judged on these criteria:

  • Build Quality
  • Mechanical Intricacy
  • Design originality
  • Decorations
  • Inventiveness
The super duper professional jury panel will visit all boxes and attempt an opening. Success or failure has no direct consequence for scoring, as long as the opening the box is possible. The builder of said box may provide additional descriptions for the opening sequence for the jury and discuss/elaborate on the techniques used in their locking and general building & design process if desired :).
Submit your entry by December 22nd.

Win a Ugears build kit!


  • A box is a box is a box – it must:
    • Be able to open and contain a 5x5x5cm object
      • Object must be retrievable when box is opened
    • Upper size limit of the box: 50cm on any axis
      • no sticky-outtie parts that exceed this limit
      • Opening or folding parts may exceed the max size limits only when opened
    • Must be ‘lockable’ – needs a puzzle, key, trick, whatever non-obvious locking mechanism
      • Must be integrated, no pre-made padlocks
      • Must be unlockable, no permanent sealing
      • Must be relockable
      • No external power source, electronics must be on-board
    • Any reasonable material goes: cardboard, sheet metal, lasercut wood, manual woodworking, acrylic cutting/bending, clay, 3D printed, vacuum formed, styrofoam, etc.
      • Just nothing that makes a mess when handled
      • Nothing that creates danger for box opener
      • Nothing too exceptionally wasteful
      • Can use makerspace materials, but within regular limits, otherwise own stuff