Wait a minute, is this a new dashboard?

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The update is here! Our brand new method of placing a production request has been revamped, revitalized and reorganized to create a more informative and easier user experience when you simply want something made. On top of that, the whole dashboard has received a new lick of paint to offer a cleaner look than ever before! Do keep in mind that we will be making some more changes over the next few weeks, so things might look a bit different than they did the week prior. Anyway, onto the cool stuff!

This new request method should provide you with a lot more information regarding the options we have available here at the Hanze Makerspace, especially when it comes down to the material and colour choices present in our inventory at the time.

Another cool feature we’d like to show off is our new 3D model viewer. When you now upload an “.stl” or “.obj” file for your 3D-Printing request, a viewer pops up where you can give your model a last check to make sure everything looks right. If everything checks out you’ll be greeted by the new ticket overview where you can find all the relevant details regarding your (separate) files!

In the future we’ll also be adding a 2D Viewer and similar workflow for the laser-cutting requests, but for now the old request system is still used, you will see the new ticket view though.

Have some thoughts?

We hope you’re just as happy with this new workflow as we are, and we’d love to hear your feedback on it. If there are any bugs or issues encountered during the 3D-request process, please let us know by using the Bug Report button on the left side of the dashboard!

Excitedly yours,
Kris Galama
Practical Instructor of Digital Technologies