New (School)Year, New Look!

Table of Contents

It’s September, which means another academic school year is awaiting us, filled with awesome projects, cool 3D-Prints, freshly burned laser-cuts, and soon some sharp CNC milling perhaps?

Next to that, we gave the old dusty dashboard a little facelift, and with that a new way to create your production requests! Take a look below to see what’s been changed.

webpage showing 
a dashboard featuring a menu on the left, three actionable sections in the middle.

As you can see, the landing page is simplified, featuring three simple components. A button to start creating anything within the HMS, and two buttons detailing your latest request and reservation and their respective status.

If you click on the “Get Creating!” button, you’re greeted with our new Creation dialogue.

webpage showing four panels listing different production methods that can be requested

We’re making strides to improve the creation process and we are trying to make the creation process as simple and accessible as possible. The first part is already live and detailed in the picture above. The rest will follow soon. How this new request process will work, is up to you to find out. It wouldn’t be in the Hanze Makerspace’s fashion to not foster curiosity and exploration now, would it ;).

But we’re not done yet!

Over the coming few weeks, more changes will happen to the dashboard, and we will make sure to include an updated tutorial on how to make a request when the new system is live, although the process should speak for itself.

We certainly cannot wait to see all the cool things you’ll make here in the second year of the HMS, so get to making and scratch that creative itch!