Updated on 23/11/2023

The upcoming robotics lab will feature a host of facilities all focused on robotics, automation and all-round more advanced electronics and mechanical integration and development. Specialist equipment can be found here for analysis and component production.

Constructing & Testing #

Come put together your full-sized robots in the robotics lab. Work on frames, assemblies and general construction work at the sizable robotics worktables in the middle of the room. Use the available tools to adjust and tweak constructions on the spot


  • Large worktables with analysis equipment
  • A 2x2m testing range
  • A cart and sorting wall with loads of tools:
    • Fine machining tools – iFixit kits
    • Socket wrenches, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc.
    • Power tools – drill, multitool,
    • Standing machine drill

Electronics #

The H0.100 workshop of the Hanze Makerspace features basic electronics assembly and testing. More advanced work in this area can be done at the robotics lab. This is where we have more advanced and specific tooling available for testing, analysis and construction of electronics.


  • A huge array of components
    • Basic active and passive components
    • Wiring, connectors,
    • Development boards like Micro:Bit, Arduino and RPi
    • Breakouts/sensors/output devices for these boards
  • Robotics components and parts
    • Motors and motor drivers
    • RC components
    • Power packs and batteries
    • Wheels, frame kits, etc.
  • Tools and Machinery
    • Scopes and signal analyzer
    • Power supplies & function generators
    • Voltera PCB Printer – Conductive ink printer
    • PCB Soldering oven

Projects #

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