Updated on 12/01/2024

Hanze Makerspace offers a selection of non-ferrous metals like aluminium and brass, suitable for various project needs. Understanding the properties and applications of each metal type will assist you in choosing the best material for your project.

Aluminium #

Available in various sheet sizes and cylindrical bars.

Round Bar Diameter:

Lightweight and corrosion-resistant, aluminium is versatile for both industrial and artistic projects. It’s easier to cut than denser metals due to its lower density.

Brass #

Forms: Available in various sizes

Brass is notable for its gold-like appearance and low friction, making it ideal for mechanical applications and projects.

Things to Consider #

  • Non-ferrous metals like aluminium and brass don’t rust, suitable for outdoor and durable applications.
  • Softer and more malleable than ferrous metals, which might be limiting for some structural needs.

Safety Precautions for Metal Use #

  • Always wear appropriate safety equipment, including metal coat and eye protection, when handling and working with metals. If you are unsure how to find safety equipment ask a Hanze Makerspace assistant.
  • Be aware of sharp edges and hot surfaces when working recently cut or machined metals.
  • Be aware of the physical properties of metals, like thermal expansion and conductivity, which can affect machining process.
  • If you do not know how to handle a specific tool with metal always reach out to a Hanze Makerspace assistant.

Hanze Makerspace offers the non-ferrous metal options for wide array of projects. It is offered both for laser cutting and machinery. Note that we do not offer ferrous metals like steel or iron. For any other questions and or assistance about these materials for your projects, the Hanze Makerspace assistants are always available on location to help you choose the correct material.

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