Updated on 12/01/2024

There is a variety of wood materials for your woodworking projects. Here is a list of the wood materials we have within Hanze Makerspace.

Spurce Beams #

We offer spruce beams both in 44×44 and 18×22 sizes. These can be used with the tools available within the Hanze Makerspace.

Hardwood (Random Sizes) #

Hardwood is perfect for durable high-quality projects as it is stronger.

9mm Plywood #

This thickness allows you to use it for paneling. Please note we also offer 9mm, 8mm, and 12mm thicknesses however they are not available at the moment.

General Tips for Woodworking: #

  • Always choose wood based on the requirements of your project, considering factors like strength, appearance, and workability.
  • Remember to use the right safety gear, like globes and goggles, when working with wood. If you are unsure on please ask a Hanze Makerspace assistant.
  • If you’re not sure which tool to use or how to approach your project, our staff are here to provide guidance.

Our woodworking materials are suitable for both beginners and experienced makers. Wether you’re looking to building something functional or purely artistic, we’ve got wood fro you. For any other questions and or assistance about these materials for your projects, the Hanze Makerspace assistants are always available on location to help you choose the correct material.

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